Introducing Secured OTC
Platform by Smart Contract

Buyzone is Incredbly Powerful and User Friendly

Buyzone is the Digital eCommerce Open Market Platform, where all payments happen in blockchain with secured transactions.From Buyzone anyone can trade and buy the digital contents easily without any trouble.

Buyzone OTC Market Features

• Buyzone is the 100% decentralized P2P platform where all transactions in smart contracts are automatically traded safely without unnecessary intermediaries

• Any ERC20-based coin can be registered, sold at the desired price, and the price can be changed at any time.

• The base point is to generate the initial price when issuing foundation coins (official price formation can be possible by registering the price on the site).

• While selling coins through multistage or distribution, there is no control over the distribution of coins, but when sold on the platform, the price is transparent and can be maintained.

• If you register as a sole distributor, you can receive up to 70% of the platform fee income as dividends through the approval process.

• Easy to Sell Globally.

• No unnecessary deposit, penalty, or contract process required during OTC transactions. All transaction happened automatically through SmartContract.

• Useful for trading block deal coins and unlisted coins

Explore Blockchain Apps

Integration of Mobile wallet and Metamask is just with one click set up in the Buyzone user panel dashboard.

Metamask is a crypto web wallet & gateway to all blockchain apps that provides the simplest yet most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications. Here in Metamask,Mobile wallet will be imported using Private Key and connect the wallet with Buyzone site.

Manage and Trade in Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

For P2P trade using MetaMask transactions is secured and easy to manage your digital assets.

Any users can trade via P2P in the digital assets or ERC 20 tokens by purchase or sale with wallet.The main advantage of this P2P platform is buyer will receive the digital products, seller will receive the product cost and admin will receive the commission at the same time of purshase confirmation.

Digital Content Sales

In Buyzone all digital contents can be sold and also be purshased using ETH.

Buyzone is the Digital eCommerce Platform, where all the payments happen in blockchain with secured transactions.It is a multivendor site, where all the digital goods can be sold with an open market, so anyone in the world can register and sell the digital contents globally.

Buy, Sell Tokens(ERC 20)

In Buyzone site, anyone can buy or sell the ERC 20 tokens globally.

Any seller can add their own ERC20 standard token from public Ethereum blockchain and can set the price for selling, and do an advertisement similar to Digital contents sales. Interested buyers can search from the list through the name of the ERC20 they want to buy, and can chat with the seller for any possibility of negotiation. If buyers and sellers agree on their conditions, the buyer can pay through ETH, and after successful payment, the ERC20 will be released from the seller's system wallet and transferred to the buyer.

Buyzone Mall Referral Program

Buyzone pays dividends to authorized distributors.

The Buyzone Mall Referral Program provides authorized distributors with a platform to receive dividends from their sales. Distributors can receive rewards by selling ERC20 tokens or digital content and services. The overall recommended revenue status is displayed on the user dashboard, and you can apply for ETH withdrawal.When a withdrawal request is made, a reward is paid by the admin on the last day of each month.


In Buyer Panel, all the buyer profile details can be seen in buyer dashboard with purshase history.


In Seller Panel, all the seller profile details can be seen in seller dashboard with product details, product sales history.